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To Our Valued Honda Auto Center of Bellevue Customer, It is unfortunate that some automotive repair facilities insist on performing repairs and maintenance items that are not needed and very costly. At Honda Auto Center of Bellevue it is our practice to only recommend maintenance and repair procedures approved by American Honda. Basically, if the manufacturer doesn't recommend it, we won't do it. Please read the following letter that was sent to all Honda dealers. It explains some simple rules to follow concerning your vehicle. We always have and always will maintain the highest level of integrity when it comes to you and your vehicle. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are the Honda experts and will happy to assist you!

Honda Service Policies

Dear Honda Dealer Principal: Customers are keeping their Honda vehicles longer than ever. Our engineers have conducted exhaustive tests to create specialized maintenance products and service standards that support the performance and longevity of Honda vehicles. Not following maintenance schedules, or performing services not recommended by American Honda, can adversely affect Honda vehicles. So, in the interest of maintaining the quality of our products and to help ensure customer satisfaction, please review these long-standing American Honda service policies: Do not use oil or fuel additives. As an authorized Honda dealer, you are also responsible for following the maintenance schedules listed in the owner's manuals, or, on newer vehicles, the engine oil change intervals and service item recommendations shown on the vehicle’s information display, or on its Maintenance Minder. In regard to engine and transmission additives, the owner's manual clearly states that they are not recommended. Selling oil and/or fuel additives create needless expenses for our customers, and may adversely affect engine and transmission performance and durability. Do not recommend increasing the frequency of oil changes. Perform oil changes only in accordance with each vehicle’s maintenance schedule and/or Maintenance Minder recommendations. More frequent oil changes inconvenience customers and drive up their cost of ownership. They also waste natural resources and cumulatively create hundreds of thousands of gallons of unnecessary waste. DO NOT perform engine flushing. There is absolutely no benefit to flushing the engine lubrication system as a maintenance procedure. An increasing number of catastrophic engine failures have been reported soon after this procedure was performed. DO NOT perform fuel injection (induction) cleaning/flushing as a preventive maintenance procedure. This is an unnecessary maintenance item and an improper repair procedure. Unless specifically directed by a Honda vehicle’s service manual and done according to its stated procedures, use of injection (induction) cleaning/flushing is not recommended, and any damage caused by this procedure will be your dealership’s sole responsibility. Do not use transmission flushing machines. In the rare instance that a vehicle needs its automatic transmission and/or ATF cooler to be flushed (such as to remove improper fluids), the correct procedure is set forth in that vehicle’s service manual. Use of additives, solvents, cleansers, or conditioners as part of a flush, or as a system enhancer, are not recommended or warrantable by Honda, as they may adversely affect transmission durability, performance, and shift quality. Also, transmission fluid replacement (not flushing) should be done at the mileage intervals specified in the owner's manual, and then only using Honda Genuine Transmission Fluid. Engine cooling system flushing is not recommended. If a customer has added incorrect coolant to their engine, follow the coolant replacement procedure in the service manual. Use of a cooling system flushing machine that “reconditions” the existing coolant should never be used, as the procedure cannot completely reverse the chemical deterioration that occurs to coolant during use. Also, coolant replacement intervals should not be exceeded, as there is no difference in the coolant replacement interval between normal and severe conditions. However, if you do wish to use a coolant system flushing machine to reduce repair time, you should be aware of the risks associated with loosening fittings to connect the equipment, and then use only Honda Genuine Coolant as your flush medium. Honda expects that cost for this service be the same or less than not using flushing equipment; otherwise, we recommend against its use as it offers no tangible benefit to customers. Do fill tires with dry, compressed air. Our research has shown there is no benefit to inflating tires with nitrogen. Therefore, fill tires only with dry, compressed air. (1) This is a summation of Dealer letter
* WA Residents: A negotiable Documentary Service Fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the sale price or capitalized cost of the vehicle. *Source: New Honda Sales for 2017, AHM Zone 2.

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