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Scenic Drives Around Seattle

If you are looking for an excuse to take your new Bellevue Honda vehicle out on the road, or simply need a scenic drive to clear your head, the Seattle area is full of great stretches of highway that will inspire and relax you. Washington is known for its widely varied landscapes which offer something for everyone.

The Hood Canal Loop

The Hood Canal Loop offers spectacular mountain views as well as outdoor recreation facilities if you want to stop for a while and have some fun. The drive begins in Edmonds and carries on to Kingston via a ferry. The ferry ride itself is great fun especially for small children and offers a spectacular view of the Seattle skyline, especially at night. On the other side you can enjoy historic Port Gamble once you have crossed the Hood Canal Bridge. This great scenic drive will take you right back home when you follow the Hood Canal southward to Skokomish, Belfair and Bremerton.

Cascade Heritage Valley Corridor

If mountains are what you crave, head outside of downtown Seattle to Woodinville and take the Cascade Heritage Valley Corridor drive. The Corridor follows the same path that Native Americans traveled to reach Puget Sound along the Snoqualmie River, so this route is packed with history. Along the Corridor you will find the Snoqualmie Falls, which is one of Washington’s most popular scenic attractions.

When you are ready for a stop, take a break in Redmond which offers great shopping and dining experiences. If you are looking for the perfect picnic spot, try Marymoor Park on the shores of Lake Sammamish. This is one of the most popular parks in Kind County. There is something for everyone here including summer concerts, evening movies and a velodrome. The drive continues past Redmond along WA-202 to pass beautiful country filled with country towns and farms.

In Fall City, the Snoqualmie River will be visible on your left and you will enjoy miles and miles of scenic road as it winds through forests with thick canopies. The beautiful Cascade Mountains are also visible during this part of your journey, so be sure to stop and snap a picture.

The Olympic Peninsula Loop

If you are feeling more adventurous then check out the Olympic Peninsula Loop, which is just west of Seattle. Every turn on this scenic drive offers amazing beauty and you will be shocked at how varied the landscape is mile to mile - lowlands, sub alpine forests, glacier caps on distant peaks, as well as breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean can all be seen on this drive. This drive is about 8 hours in length if you drive the whole loop in one shot, but you may want to take more than one day for this drive so you can truly appreciate your surroundings.

All just a short distance from the Seattle area, these drives through Washington offer so much to see that you may want to keep driving in your Bellevue Honda for hours and hours.

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