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Just 5 miles east of downtown Seattle sits the historic city of Issaquah, Washington. This cultural beacon is beginning to emerge as a hotspot for socialization and local connection. Whether you live in the Seattle area and are driving over to Issaquah for the day or are simply visiting for a short spell, you will be delighted by the foodie-approved downtown restaurants, local art galleries, wonderful heritage, and eccentric nightlife scene.  

Delightful Dining

You will encounter a multitude of dining delectables in downtown Issaquah, whether you are taking the family out for a lovely weekend brunch, stopping by for a quick business lunch, or hitting the town for a romantic dinner on a Saturday night.   Get ready for dishes with distinctively local flair, created by regional chefs alongside boutique wines and hand-crafted ales. Whatever the reason for your visit may be, you will find that the dining scene serves as the perfect place to gather, connect, and explore. Check out this great list of restaurants in the area to choose your next dining experience!  

Amazing Art

Issaquah is a thriving center for unique, local artists. If you’re in a learning mood, you can take an art class, like ArtByFire’s glass blowing classes or even music classes at Kaleidoscope School of Music! If the arts are not your strong suit, you can even learn to create quality teas from scratch at Experience Tea.   Find the very best classes that Issaquah has to offer by driving downtown to experience one of these incredible cultural endeavors!  

Historic Heritage

If you’re seeking a city with historic sites to see, then you should look no further! The city’s name itself is actually an anglicized word for a local Native American name, meaning either "the sound of birds," "snake," or "little stream." The old nickname "Squak Valley," also derives from this same Native-American name.   When it comes to history museums, you will not be disappointed. Head over to the Gilman Town Hall Museum, a building built way back in 1886, which uses photographs, artifacts, and interactive elements to explore different aspects of Issaquah’s past.   Are you ready to explore Issaquah? Simply drive over to this adorable city in your Honda to experience the culture and beauty for yourself!