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The Lamar Neagle Foundation partnering with Bellevue Honda!

Lamar Neagle Bellevue Honda

Lamar Neagle Bellevue Honda

Giving Back: The Lamar Neagle Foundation

Here at Bellevue Honda, we are proud to be the Northwest’s #1 Volume Honda Dealer. We take great pride in upholding the highest principals of integrity and ethical ways of doing business. We are also passionate about giving back to the community. That is why we partner with the Neagle Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides supports to youth athletics and academics. After it was founded in 2011 by Lamar Neagle, this fantastic organization set out on a mission to strengthen families and communities in the Pacific Northwest.

About Lamar Neagle

The unstoppable Lamar Neagle began playing soccer when he was in elementary school. Even back then, he was fervently passionate about the sport and spent as much time as he could outside playing with his friends. His goal was to do what he now does best: score. According to Neagle, it is the greatest feeling you can get and he still lives for those moments today.Unfortunately, his family did not always have the resources for him to play on select teams when we was growing up. Instead, he started out playing on his local Boys and Girls Club team. Though many of his friends were able to play for those select teams, Lamar considers that opportunity a blessing. Eventually, his family found a way for him to play on better teams; Lamar says his mom would always tell him he shouldn't worry about the costs -- just to focus on playing soccer and having fun.

Giving Back

After signing with the Seattle Sounders in 2013, Neagle made it his mission to give back to his community. The Neagle Foundation was set up to create events and fundraisers, working with local businesses to raise money for local charities and after school programs in Seattle, Federal Way and surrounding areas The Neagle Foundation has established relationships with the Boys and Girls Club Skyway/Renton, as well as America Scores after school programs and is always looking to add other beneficiaries to the Foundation. At Bellevue Honda, we believe that with committed community partners like Lamar Neagle and the Neagle Foundation we can continue to build stronger families and communities in the Pacific Northwest. We are happy to lend our ongoing support for outstanding youth academic and athletic programs here in Washington.